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This blog is dedicated to my Brother, Phil, & his partner, Veronika, who are moving into their first flat together this month & who gave me the idea to write this blog as they want to live more consciously & sustainably. Cleaning products are the top of their agenda, wanting to get it 'right' from the get go with as little plastic as possible. So I wanted to write this blog for them, to give them some helpful tips to get them started on their new plastic free journey together.

"In the UK, households throw away 23 million metric tonnes of waste per year, the equivalent of 394 kilograms per person."

source: - correct as at September 2020 based on 2018/19 figures

"Plastic can be found in most modern products. With that in mind, the amount of plastic thrown away each year is enough to circle the earth four times over."

source: - correct as at September 2020 based on 2018/19 figures

"Packaging products are the biggest contributor to plastic waste. The UK exports 12.7% of all its plastic waste to other countries for recycling purposes. Almost 7 in 10 plastic waste items (67%) come from packaging."

source: - correct as at September 2020 based on 2018/19 figures

The ingredients found in conventional cleaning products mean that our homes may look clean but may not be healthy. They contaminate the air with a mix of carcinogens, hormone disrupters, neurotoxic solvents, mood altering chemicals and reproductive toxins.



There are so many staggering statistics out there it's hard to choose what to share. I've stuck with plastic consumption & a little extract on toxins in chemicals. It's worth looking into the effects of harsh chemicals in our cleaning products as the effect on our health & the environment is real & let's face it, plastic is rife in the packaging of high street cleaning brands.

By going plastic & toxin free in your cleaning products, you will be reducing your plastic consumption dramatically & creating a cleaner, less toxic environment in your home.

Here is a list of the cleaning products I use...

*Disclaimer*- There are no affiliate links included in this blog. The opinions included in this blog are my own & do not reflect those of anyone else. Please Click here for my full disclaimer.

Feel free to channel your inner Mrs Doubtfire as you explore these cleaning products.

General Cleaning

1. Oxygen Bleach - Sodium Percarbonate

This is a totally new product to me & I'm so glad I found it. It is incredibly versatile. I was searching for a product to replace bleach that we used to clean our toilets when I came across this product. It is a bleach powder that you can use in many different ways.

It's not harmful to the environment as it breaks down into oxygen, sodium ash & water.

I did some research online & found an incredibly helpful article detailing exactly how to dilute & mix up the powder for a huge list of cleaning jobs. I am blown away by the versatility of this product.

Not only does it clean toilets & bathrooms but it can be used for laundry, carpets, cooking equipment, the list really is endless as you will see from the link to the article below - Article

(I will be printing this & sticking to the inside of my cleaning cupboard straight away!)

FYI - 1 ounce is approximately 2 UK tablespoons

*Favourite Stockist - The Earth Shop

Click Here - link to the product

The oxygen bleach powder comes in a kraft paper bag that can be recycled. It is 100% plastic free, vegan & cruelty free.

I also think the price is very reasonable at £6.95 for a kilogram which should go along way.

2. Cleaning Vinegar & Bicarbonate of Soda

I have been using these basic products for a while now. Again, they are very versatile. However, the best use I have for them is unblocking plugholes!

If you live in a hard water area like me & are using soap bars instead of liquid soap, you will probably be dealing with a lot of soap scum build up too! Don't fear, the good old faithful's will do the job!

How to use:

Pour a whole kettle of boiling water down the plughole

Put 1 Tbsp of bicarbonate of soda around the plughole

Pour 250ml of cleaning vinegar down the plughole

Watch it fizz

Close the plughole & leave it for 15 mins to 1 hour (use gloves)

Finish off by pouring some more boiling water down the plughole

*Tip* - If water is still not draining well - use a plunger & this usually works to clear those stubborn bits!

Where to buy:

I have bought cleaning vinegar from Fill before but it tends to be a bit more expensive. I can get cleaning vinegar refilled at my local refill shop very cheaply.

However, if you don't have a refill shop near you, my favourite stockist is Plastic Freedom.

Click Here - for a link to their Fill products page for a large variety of cleaning products. I have used a lot of these from washing up liquid to fabric conditioner. I really rate their products.

*Tip* - If you have a milk delivery from Milk & More - they sell a small selection of Fill products slightly cheaper. You return them just like your milk bottles & order more when you need it.

Bicarbonate of Soda - You can refill this at most refill shops as well as purchase online

3. Stain Remover

Favourite Product Alert!

Have you been a regular Vanish user like me?

With a cat in my house we are endlessly using carpet & upholstery cleaner. I was sceptical that I would find anything as good as Vanish that didn't come in a can or plastic, but I was wrong.

This soap block stain remover is incredible!

This product is vegan, biodegradable & 100% plastic free.

It's also very cheap at £3.49 for the bar which goes a long way.

How to use:

Wet a sponge & rub the bar into it to create a lather then rub the sponge into the stain.

Remove the excess suds with a damp cloth & leave to dry.


*Favourite Stockist - The Earth Shop

Click Here - link to the product

4. Surface Sprays

My favourite surface spray cleaners are from Ocean Saver

They are so cheap at £1.50 per capsule which creates 500ml - 1 Litre of solution in a repurposed cleaning bottle.

Each box includes a capsule of cleaning solution. The wrapper is plant based & dissolves in tap water once shaken up.

*Tip* - If you're starting from scratch you can purchase empty glass cleaning bottles, however, I used plastic cleaning bottles for years up until I made the switch, so I have just used old bottles that would have previously gone into recycling.

Ocean Saver have all kinds of surface sprays, of which I use a couple. I love their bathroom descaler & antibacterial spray for the kitchen worktops.

Ocean Saver products are:

Plant based, biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free to name a few!

How to use:

Put the capsule into an empty spray bottle. Add 500ml - 1 Litre of water depending on the solution, add the lid tightly, shake until the capsule is dissolved - It's ready to use!

*Favourite Stockist - Plastic Freedom

Click Here - link to the product

5. Cleaning Utensils

There are a range of cleaning utensils out there from compostable cleaning gloves, reusable washing up brushes with replaceable heads, fabric sponge scourers, coconut scourers, compostable & reusable dish cloths. You need never use throw away plastic versions ever again!

Here is a list of my favourite stockists & brands for all your cleaning essentials & don't forget, support your local zero waste, sustainable shops as they tend to stock these items too!

Stockists Brands

The Earth Shop UK Scrubbies

Plastic Freedom Eco Living

*Tip* - you can even knit your own cleaning cloths. I was kindly gifted one for Christmas & it's my favourite cloth of all!

6. Laundry

Time-Saving/ Zero Effort Product!

Smol Laundry Capsules

They are delivered to me direct in the post on a subscription basis. You set up your delivery based on how many washes you do per week & Smol send you the capsules when you need them. This can be amended any time.

Free Trial - try before you buy on their website.

100% plastic free packaging

Cruelty free

Very reasonable price.

I pay less now for my laundry & dishwasher tablets than I did previously using high street brands.

Fabric Conditioner

I have used Fill (see general cleaning above) but my favourite option is to use my local refill shop where I can refill an old container & get very cheap but lovely smelling & quality fabric conditioner.

You can also get fabric conditioner from Smol of which I haven't tried.


There we go. I hope these tips & product reviews are helpful. I've tried to pack as much in as I can with the use of helpful links to where you can purchase the products. Keep an eye on my Instagram @Consciously_Harri where I'm sure to find more exciting cleaning products in the weeks & months to come.

In the famous words of my favourite lady, Mary Poppins...

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun &..... snap! The jobs a game!"

(yes I typed that from memory as I'm a HUGE Mary Poppins fan! he he )

And don’t get me wrong, my husband also does A LOT of cleaning around the house! Although you won’t catch him singing Mary Poppins as he goes! More like screeching heavy metal 😅

Happy Cleaning All!


If you have any questions about the products included or would like any more information on plastic free, sustainable & ethical cleaning products, then please do get in touch. I would be more than happy to help.

Contact me via email or via private message on Instagram @Consciously_Harri


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I would love to hear your comments!

Be sure to come back next month for more of my favourite conscious living swaps!

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