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Makeup is important to me & has played a big part in my confidence for many years, so it is a topic I knew I had to spend some time on to find the right products so that I could turn my plastic ridden lifestyle choice into a more ethical & sustainable one.

I hope that by me sharing my findings & some of my favourite products, it will help you to consider changing your makeup products in time, & in turn, take some of the time & research out of the process for you with the help of my useful tips.

First Things First...

I am by no means an expert when it comes to makeup & I don't like a lengthy makeup routine with lots of lotions & potions, be it right or wrong. I like to keep it simple with a good base for my foundation & then get my makeup routine done so I can get out the door. Or in more recent times, into the spare room down the hallway where my new work location appears to be.

I need to make some effort for those zoom calls...

1. The Base

I've always felt it is important to have a good moisturiser & in more recent years an eye cream too. Those pesky little lines are starting to appear & the occasional tired dark circle, but having said that, since using my latest UpCircle eye cream I have seen an improvement.

Until this month, I had never used a face serum before. I have been following UpCircle on Instagram for some time & have loved the ethos & reviews of their products. I was struggling with slightly drier skin than normal so I thought I would give their oil based serum a try.

It did not disappoint! I have suffered with an incredibly oily T-Zone for as long as I can remember, but since using the UpCircle face serum, I no longer suffer with it at all. I used to have to wipe my shiny oily nose throughout the day, where as now, my problem is non-existent.

Face Serum


This face serum is hydrating & firming with nourishing jojoba sea buckthorn & rosehip oil with the main star of the show being reused, repurposed & reloved coffee oil extracted from repurposed grounds which would otherwise have been waste. The serum helps to boost collagen & keep skin firm whilst also brightening complexion.

Why I love UpCircle Face Serum:

It has made a huge difference to my morning & evening routine making my skin feel so luxurious, smooth & nourished. My skin has honestly never felt better. I've already got my Mum & Mother-in-law to purchase the product as it really is worth every penny. You apply a few drops to the palm of your hands & massage into your skin on top of your usual moisturiser. It smells divine! I apply it all over my face & into my neck. It should last ages, but when it comes to needing to purchase again, you can keep the pipette lid & purchase a new bottle with an aluminium lid so no plastic waste! Absolute Win!


I have tried a couple of moisturisers. I really think this is a personal preference as there are so many out there & we all have different skin types. My favourite stockists are The Earth Shop & Plastic Freedom so I would take a look at their websites. There are a few tester pots available out there so you can try before you invest in a large tub which I definitely recommend.

I have tried White Rabbit Rosehip & Camellia day cream & Green Goddess face cream, which I purchased from my local zero waste shop refill station.

Price Comparison:

White Rabbit Rosehip & Camellia day cream - £28 for 100ml

Green Goddess (from the refill station at my local zero waste shop) - £3 for 100ml

This is a massive price difference & at the end of the day, it is what works for your skin & pocket.

I do find the Green Goddess cream makes my skin feel a little dry, but with the added face serum, which sorts out the firming element, I think it's a win win combo. However, I do want to try the face cream from UpCircle. If it's as good as their face scrub, eye cream & serum, then it will be amazing!

2. Foundation

This is the most important element of my makeup for me. I have struggled with high red pigmentation in my skin on & off since I was born & it has been the cause of self consciousness at times in my life. However, I am learning to embrace all parts of me & with the help of the pandemic lock downs, I have learnt to like my skin & can now been seen at the shops with no makeup, which until March this year, was absolutely unheard of!

I have tried quite a few different types of foundation base from powders to tinted moisturisers & also compact, loose & liquid foundation. So to keep it simple, I thought I would share a few photos of how I got on & a simple comparison.

Disclaimer: The below opinions are my own & do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else. The prices quoted were correct as at the date of publishing & could differ dependent on supplier.

1. Evolve Organic Beauty (Far Left) - Climate Veil Tinted Light/ Medium

  1. Consistency: Oily, thin & runny

  2. Ease of Use: Considering how runny it is, it doesn't spread as easily & need to use a lot

  3. Coverage: Light - nice light coverage. Good day look

  4. Colour Match: My skin tends to be on the fair/ light side & this was definitely too dark for me

  5. Packaging: Glass bottle & plastic pump lid. Comes in a cardboard box.

  6. Price: £15 for 25 ml (£60 per 100 ml) or £28 for 50 ml (£56 per 100 ml)

*Note - This product leaves your face glowing & looking rather moist & oily, so a setting/ finishing powder is definitely needed. Once this is applied this tinted moisturiser has a wonderful light effect for your everyday look. If the colour matched I would consider purchasing this again. The manufacturers have commented on their lack of colour ranges for this product. They were working on further ranges before the pandemic & as soon as social distancing rules allow they will continue to work on more colour ranges.

2. Zao (Not Pictured) - Liquid Silk Foundation

  1. Consistency: Silky, smooth liquid. Not as thick as other foundations I've tried which was nice

  2. Ease of Use: Super easy. I loved the application with brush or fingers. Spreads evenly.

  3. Coverage: Strong. Gives a slightly fuller coverage but not heavy.

  4. Colour Match: Amazing. Zao have a fantastic guide for colour matching & offer samples

  5. Packaging: Glass Bottle with plastic pump & bamboo lid. Refill is recyclable PET plastic

  6. Price: £40 for 30 ml initial glass bottle (£133 per 100 ml) & £25 for 30 ml Refill (£83 per 100 ml)

*Note - Zao Makeup is organic, vegan & cruelty free. It doesn't contain any synthetic chemicals & they are constantly working to improve their packaging to as plastic free & sustainable as possible. Despite the range not currently being plastic free, their range of bamboo & refillable makeup reduces a lot of plastic waste on the planet. So it is definitely a better option than normal high street brands & it really is an incredible range of products. I loved this liquid foundation & if this is your usual style of foundation, this product won't disappoint.

3. Zao (Not Pictured) - Compact Foundation

  1. Consistency: Smooth, creamy compact liquid.

  2. Ease of Use: Super easy. I loved the application with a buffing foundation brush. Spreads evenly.

  3. Coverage: Build-able coverage from light to strong which I love. Versatile for day or evening.

  4. Colour Match: Amazing. Zao have a fantastic guide for colour matching & offer samples

  5. Packaging: Bamboo case with tin pan. Refill comes as a tin pan covered in a recyclable PET plastic

  6. Price: £30.50 for 6 g initial bamboo case & £17 for 6 g Refill

*Note - I Love the packaging on this foundation. Despite the refill coming in a plastic cover, there is A LOT less plastic in this foundation option. This is also My Favourite Product! I loved how easy it was to apply. Zao state you can use a sponge for application. I opted for a buffing foundation brush & loved how quick it was to apply which resulted in an even complexion. I could build it up from a light coverage to a strong coverage so it's great value to have one foundation that does it all for your different day & evening looks.

As This is my favourite product I thought I would pause to show you my transition from no makeup to my final look in pictures.

No Makeup


Green Goddess Face Cream

UpCircle Eye Cream

UpCircle Face Serum

My red skin

to show the cover up comparison.

Foundation half done

Left side: Zao Compact Foundation Shade 729 - Very Light Pink

Right: No Makeup

Full Face of Foundation

Matt finish with All Earth Minerals Finishing Powder - one shade only. Adds a slight bit of colour to the foundation which I think has worked well. I might opt for the Zao invisible mineral powder in future to add no colour

Redness covered very well

Final Look - (a few hours later) with Zao blonde eyebrow pencil, Zao Refillable Volume & Sheathing Mascara, standard black eyeliner pencil

I hope you have found that useful. The finishing powder I have used is All Earth Minerals as mentioned above. Zao offer a fantastic range of powders, their Mineral Silk range. Again, loads of different shades & they also offer an invisible mineral silk powder which works really well as a setting powder without adding any colour.

Foundation continued...

4. Zao (Not Pictured) - BB Cream

  1. Consistency: Smooth light & creamy

  2. Ease of Use: Very easy. Spreads evenly with fingers

  3. Coverage: Light. lovely day look

  4. Colour Match: Not great. Only 3 shades. I used their lightest shade "760 - Fair" & it was too dark.

  5. Packaging: looks like metal tube & a bamboo lid - (I used a sample so can't confirm final product)

  6. Price: £24.99 for 30 ml (£83.30 per 100 ml)

*Note - This ideally needs setting with a finishing powder. The Zao invisible mineral silk powder would work well. I don't consider myself to have very fair skin. I suppose it is winter so I am not as tanned as in summer but I still don't consider myself to be very fair so I was surprised their lightest shade was too dark for me.

5. Zao (Not Pictured) - Mineral Silk Foundation Powder

  1. Consistency: Light Powder

  2. Ease of Use: Very easy. Powder on top of moisturiser

  3. Coverage: Light & Natural. Too light for me but great after moisturising if wearing little/ no makeup

  4. Colour Match: Amazing. Zao have a fantastic guide for colour matching & offer samples

  5. Packaging: Bamboo case with recyclable PET plastic insert which is the refillable part.

  6. Price: £26 for 15 g (£173 per 100 g) & £17 for 15 g refill (£113 per 100 g)

6. All Earth Minerals (Back Right) - Mineral Foundation Powder

  1. Consistency: Light Powder

  2. Ease of Use: Great. Designed to have 3 different uses. Powder, Mix with moisturiser & add water

  3. Coverage: Light & natural as powder, light with moisturiser & full at it's heaviest with adding water

  4. Colour Match: Great. 6 shades to choose from & they offer samples.

  5. Packaging: Amazing! Beech Wood outer case & inner casing made from recycled fishing nets!

  6. Price: £20 for 4 g & £28 for 8 g

*Note - I LOVE this brand. I have been using their finishing powder on top of all the foundations & it works really well. What I love most about this foundation is it's versatility. It can be used in 3 different ways for 3 different levels of coverage. The powder only is like the Zao version, light & a natural look. You can also add this powder to your daily moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser look. *Tip* - I have a little sample pot spare & use this to mix bit by bit rather than adding the powder to my main pot of moisturiser. I then just rub in like a normal cream & finish with the finishing powder. The adding water is a genius idea & I loved it for an evening look. It was too heavy for me as a foundation for the day. It was quite a heavy look for me compared to the other liquid foundation options but the fact that you have the option of the other two looks is a great bonus. Just add a small amount of powder in the lid & a couple of small drops of water from your fingers & mix with a buffing brush in the lid. Then apply with the buffing brush in circular motions. Use the back of your hand to get the excess off in the beginning.


I hope this has proven useful for you. I would recommend getting samples of the products you want to try first before buying the final product. Zao & All Earth Minerals offer samples at around £2 a go so it's a great way to try a couple of shades. Zao also offer a fantastic colour matching guide on their website which was so helpful.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have used or would like any more advice on plastic free, sustainable & ethical makeup, then please do get in touch. I would be more than happy to help. I realise this can be a big thing for those of us who wear makeup & I'd love to support you as much as I can.

Contact me via email or via private message on Instagram @Consciously_Harri


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it & found it useful.

I would love to hear your comments!

Be sure to come back next month for more of my favourite conscious living swaps!

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If you have any questions on any of the products I have mentioned, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you & would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

& Merry Christmas!



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