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My First Plastic Free Swaps...

Now, if you're anything like me when you make your mind up on something, you want to do it all now!

But when it comes to transitioning to a more sustainable way of living (in my case, I have been looking at making plastic free swaps first) it is not always viable to change everything in one go. It can be costly in the first instance & it does take some planning. But in the long run you will end up saving money & time as you get into the flow of your new lifestyle.

So to help you with planning & taking that first step to transitioning, here are a few tips that helped me to get started:

1. Time

This is something that a lot of us have had more of recently & it is worth taking advantage of the slower pace of life to get started. I won't sugar-coat this process, it has taken time & research, but that is partly why I wanted to create this blog for anyone who is thinking of making some lifestyle changes.

I want to take some of the work out of researching for you & provide a place full of helpful ideas & tips.

I hope to be someone you can come to for advice or any questions you might have.

*Tip -For some of us, the current pandemic is actually useful for my first tip. If you've been furloughed or working from home, this is a perfect opportunity to take stock, to look into those areas where you might reduce the amount of plastic in your life.

Otherwise, when not living in these strange uncertain times/ you haven't gained any more time recently, perhaps think about the approach I took before lock down & see if this resonates.

In the past, I always found myself looking externally for happiness. Spending money on buying nice things, going nice places, having nice experiences. It left me feeling a bit empty, like something was missing & my true needs were never met. While all of this has it's place & I don't think we should stop (after all we need to support our local & small businesses far & wide) but is there a way you could cut this down?

Having time for yourself at home, in the garden, to chill, to think about the sort of life you'd like to live & how to achieve that, is so important for our well-being. If you're skipping on this part in your life, then perhaps it's time to make time.

Treat this process as a hobby. I bet if you're here reading this & want to make some changes to your lifestyle, you're a little bit excited at the prospect of doing something good for the planet, for yourself & your family. So why not make time for that!

2. Planning

Just the thought of where to begin can be daunting. So before I tell you about the first couple of easy swaps I made, here is how to get super organised...

*Tip - Grab a notepad, or if you're like me, a nice pretty little notebook, & take a tour of your home, writing down everything you can see that might be possible to make plastic free. If it's made of plastic, I can almost guarantee you will find a plastic free swap. Aside from the big appliance type things. Some of the swaps I have come across have been eye opening and ingenious!

I really recommend this tip because, if you're in for the long run, or just wanting to make a few small swaps, it's a helpful tracker for you to tick off as you make your swaps & decide on your next purchase.

It's also super rewarding & makes you feel great when you see the number of ticks rising as you gradually swap more & more items in your home.

Like I said earlier, this is not always going to be a quick task, it can take months, & i'm still transitioning too, so this little, or big, list, will be your plastic free bible.

3. Single-use plastic

I have really focused on this to start off with, especially when watching the pennies & deciding to make this a gradual process.

*Tip - Focus on the concept of eliminating single use plastic. This is where the major environmental issues lie. I mean yes, sometimes I want to eliminate ALL plastic from the world, but I think this just isn't realistic or viable in some cases. I would however like to be proven wrong.

So be conscious of where you are using single use plastic & think about how you can swap this out.

A few simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Reusable coffee cup - Favourite Brand - CircularCup

  2. Reusable water bottle - Favourite Brand - Chilly's

  3. Take your reusable containers to the local deli or supermarket to purchase your meat, fish, cheese & other delicatessen fresh goods.


My First Plastic Free Swaps!

1. Milk

I absolutely loved making this very first plastic free swap. Easy, simple & I never have to think about running out of milk again!

Milk & More

It's so easy to set up & to make changes on their user friendly website.

As you can see, on my first order I bought their milk caddy to keep my milk cool. It was needed in our 36 degree heat this summer but there is nothing to stop you from leaving your own cool bag outside overnight for the milkman.

I also bought some great reusable milk toppers as they help to keep the milk fresh & do work better than the foil top once opened.

Wherever you can & if you feel called to, try to opt for organic.

Here is a helpful article to read at your leisure if you're interested in the farming process behind organic milk as opposed to normal dairy milk. Link

2. Loo Roll

This was another easy swap for me but might require a little more planning if the idea of buying in bulk squeezes the purse strings a little. But don't worry, I have some helpful tips to ease the transition if this is a swap you're interested in making.

Firstly, I LOVE this brand - Who Gives a Crap -The funky paper wrapping looks fun in the bathroom & whenever you need a new roll, you'll find yourself chuckling on the toilet at some of the funny quotes, jokes & info on the wrapping.

You can subscribe to this site & tell them how often you need the delivery & it will just turn up on your doorstep.

This brand also boasts some extra brand initiatives they partake in, such as:

50% of profits donated to help build toilets - 100% recycled toilet paper - Soft & strong 3-ply - No inks, dyes or scents - Reuse the giant delivery box to make a spaceship (it's on their box!)

*Tip - If the idea of forking out the money upfront, instead of buying as & when you need it, leaves you feeling nervous, start off by working out how many weeks it will take you to get through a box of 24 or 48 rolls, divide the cost by the number of weeks & start to save for your first box over those weeks. You'll then have the money to purchase your first box & will save the money not spent in your coming weeks to pay for your next box. Or you can continue to put the money aside throughout the 8 weeks or however often you get through the box.

Can you tell i'm a finance manager in my day job? (eeeekkk) ha ha #joke

*PROMOTION* - Who Gives a Crap are currently running a promotion of Free Shipping on all orders over £20 & if you subscribe to the toilet paper delivery, you will receive 20% off your first order.

You can also receive a refer a friend discount code which will get you money off your future orders if they use your code. A great few incentives to get you started off.

*please note* - this promotion was correct at the time of publishing on 12/10/20 & I cannot guarantee this offer will be valid beyond this date.


So there you have it. A few tips to get you started & my first plastic free swaps.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog & found it useful.

Please comment & let me know your thoughts & if you feel called to, share my post on your social media so that my blog can reach someone else who may find my tips useful.

And don't forget to subscribe to receive updates on new blogs as & when they become live.

Love Harri


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